Setup & Environment

Antidote requires Erlang 21 or greater. Make sure the command erl is executable in your console.

Use the following Makefile targets to build and test antidote:

# compile the project:
make compile

# run the unit tests:
make test

# run the system tests:
make systests

# run the release test:
make reltest

# run dialyzer to check types:
make dialyzer

# run linter
make lint

# open a shell:
make shell

# build a release:
make rel

Working on dependencies

When working on dependencies of Antidote it can be helpful to use them as Checkout Dependencies:

  • Create a folder named _checkouts in your antidote folder (next to the _build folder)

  • Clone or symlink the dependency into that folder. The folder name in _checkouts must be the name of the dependency in rebar.config.

  • When running a rebar3 task on Antidote, it will always use the latest version from the dependencies.

    It will also recompile all other dependencies, which can be avoided by patching rebar3

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