Building a Release


make rel

to build a release.

It can be found under _build/default/rel/antidote.

Using a Release

After building a release with make rel, Antidote can be started with the generated executable file. The release executable is located at _build/default/bin/rel/antidote/releases/bin/antidote. It should be started with the node name and cookie configured. Setting the cookie is optional, setting the node name is mandatory.

# start antidote with given short node name as a foreground process
NODE_NAME=testing ./antidote foreground

# start antidote with given long node name with an erlang interactive console attached
NODE_NAME=testing ./antidote console

Dynamic Release Configuration

The release executable is dynamically configurable with OS environment variables. The default configuration can be found in the config file folder config. Only NODE_NAME, COOKIE, ROOT_DIR_PREFIX, LOGGER_DIR_PREFIX and DATA_DIR_PREFIX are expected to be provided via OS environment variables. All other configuration has to be set via erlang application environment arguments -Application Par Val, where variable expansion can be used in the Val part.


# start antidote with a unified directory, set logging level to warning
# assume NODE_NAME, ROOT_PREFIX_DIR (`antidote/`), P1, P2, P3, P4, and P5 OS variables 
# have been exported before
# modify appliation configurations (see sys.config.src and other .config files for options)
# logging level and all ports
# disable certification checks for concurrent transactions
./antidote foreground \
-kernel logging_level warning \
-riak_core handoff_port $P1 \
-ranch pb_port $P2 \
-antidote pubsub_port $P3 \
-antidote logreader_port $P4 \
-antidote_stats metrics_port $P5 \
-antidote txn_check false

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