Antidote is configured to expose metrics to Prometheus. At present, the metrics collected are operations per second, open transactions, staleness, aborted transactions and errors together with several virtual machine metrics.

Follow the steps to start one Antidote node and view the metrics.

cd monitoring
docker-compose up -d

This starts one Antidote node, a prometheus server and a graphana database. If the containers started with no problems, open http://localhost:9090/targets in a web-browser. You will see targets antidote and prometheus.

Now go to http://localhost:3000/login and login with admin:admin

Click Add data source.

Enter following details: Name: SomeDataSourceName Type: Prometheus

Url : http://prometheus:9090 Access: proxy

Click Add.

Go To Dashboard -> import new dashboard. Import file $ANTIDOTE/monitoring/Antidote-Dashboard.json

To view the monitoring data of antidote, go to Dashboard and open Antidote from the list of dashboards.

To shutdown containers: docker-compose down